Campaign Update: Get Out the Vote Weekend

Mike Espy
3 min readNov 2, 2020

By Mike Espy

Over the last six days, we’ve travelled all across the state of Mississippi. As I have talked about this week with Mississippians of all races, all genders, and all political beliefs, there is MOMENTUM in Mississippi. Momentum for progress. Here’s a quick update on our weekend.

On Saturday, we began in McComb where we had PERFECT weather to safely gather outside. We even did some dancing. I do have a little rhythm.

When we pulled up to Hattiesburg, I could NOT believe my eyes. A whole crowd of people standing outside, ready to move Mississippi forward. Folks put on their masks and came out to show how much energy we have. I was so thankful.

We ended Saturday by assisting our Mississippi brothers and sisters working to recover from Hurricane Zeta. We helped distribute water, supplies, and food in Gulfport. Our communities on the Coast are strong and resilient. We will get through this together.

The weekend ended on Sunday with our last campaign rally: Our Jackson Drive-In Rally. Hundreds of Mississippians came out to New Horizon Church in Jackson and filled the parking lot with cars. We had live music, more dancing, special video messages from Oprah and Joe Biden, and I gave a speech that I am very proud of. I will share some more photos soon.

It was a weekend filled with wonderful people and big momentum for our campaign to move Mississippi forward.

As we finish our bus tour, and now have less than 24 hours until Election Day, I’m counting on this grassroots team to come through and fuel our final Get Out the Vote efforts. We have a chance to vote for the Mississippi that WILL BE, and win — but only if we do it together.

So, will you please chip in $25 (or more, or less, it all really helps) to directly support Mississippi voter outreach during the final day of our campaign for U.S. Senate?

Thank you for everything. One more day. ONE DAY! Let’s do this.