Clarion Ledger: “A young mother died after asthma attack in rural MS. Why Mike Espy is sharing her story.”

By Team Espy

Mike Espy was sitting on his porch reading the Clarion Ledger last year when he saw a story that caused him to spill his coffee.

A 23-year-old Mississippi mother suffered an asthma attack at home after working a shift at fast food restaurant. Her cousins rushed her to the nearest hospital, but they didn’t know the rural emergency room had closed years earlier after struggling with unpaid medical bills.

Shyteria Shardae “Shy” Shoemaker died that night, leaving behind an infant daughter, who also has asthma.

To Espy, the story was deeply personal. He, too, suffered from asthma and said he almost died as a young boy because of it.

Now, the Democratic candidate for U.S. Senate is talking more about his own narrow survival six decades ago — and the death of Shoemaker — as he hones his message on health care.

Read the full story here.

Watch Mike’s health care story here.

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Read the full story in the Clarion Ledger here.

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