Jackson Free Press: Talking Health Care With Mike Espy

Mike Espy
1 min readAug 26, 2020
“In Mississippi … so many people lack preventative care because they are reticent to go to the doctor. … They don’t want to get a bill that they can’t pay,” Espy states. Photo courtesy Mike Espy

by Team Espy

In all the chaos of 2020, the 2018 special election that saw former U.S. Rep. and Agriculture Secretary Mike Espy returning to vie for national office seems a distant memory. That contest is a prologue to this fall’s rematch, one that touched on vastly different themes than those now troubling the nation.

Of all the issues separating Espy from his opponent, Republican incumbent Cindy Hyde-Smith, their approach to health care may represent the starkest divide. Certainly, it is the most resonant question in a year of anxiety and agony over the pandemic and the state of America’s public health. Medicaid expansion, a critical issue in last year’s statewide elections, looms large above all else but coronavirus.

Espy sat down for a video chat with the Jackson Free Press to discuss the topic of health care: both his plans for achieving Medicaid expansion in Mississippi and his thoughts on the state and national response to the coronavirus pandemic.

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